Whether you’re solving a single problem, doing a process improvement project, or changing the direction of an entire organization, you’ll probably find help in the products we offer.

QuikSigma® software puts the power of problem solving tools in the hands of everyone, without trying to make master statisticians of them.  After all, most people just want answers, not headaches or hard to understand math.  The software is organized like a project, with tools presented in the context where they are likely to be used.  Many functions are automated, making even advanced tools easy to apply and understand.

Project Charter•Process Map•Cause and Effect Matrix•FMEA•Patented Multi-Dimensional Pareto Charts•Sigma Level Calculator•Action Plan•Control Plan•Full suite of Process Behavior Charts (Control Charts)•Capability Studies•Kappa Test•Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility•Descriptive Statistics•Chi Squared Test•One and Two Proportion Tests•T Test (one sample, two sample, and paired)•Tests of Equal Variance•Power and Sample Size Calculator ANOVA•ANOM•Regression•2K Full Factorial Experiments•2K Fractional Factorial Experiments•Plackett-Burman Screening Experiments•General Full Factorial Experiments•Central Composite Design Experiments•Statistical Tolerancing


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Most of the videos on the QuikSigma YouTube channel show how to use specific tools within the software. You can see an overview of the product here.

The QuikSigma® software is a Windows based application.

Directing QuikSigma is a textbook designed for leaders and managers who are building a more effective, efficient organization.

138 pages, 8 ½ x 11.

What is Six Sigma?•Creating a Six Sigma Culture•Variation•Project Selection•Project
Definition•Role of the Champion•Charter Form•Actual Project Examples•Six Sigma Model•Project Outline•Bibliography•Glossary

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QuikSigma is a textbook for project team leaders, covering the tools necessary for practically all business process oriented projects, most production projects, and some design projects.

285 pages, 8 ½ x 11.

Project Cornerstones: What is Six Sigma?VariationTheory of Escaping DefectsQuikSigma SoftwareProject DefinitionVoice of the CustomerProcess Map•Cause and EffectFailure Modes and Effects AnalysisControl PlanSix Sigma Model.

Statistical Principles: Data Types•Descriptive Statistics•Perils of Unstructured Data.  

Quality Tools:  Pareto’s Charts•The Kappa Test•Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility, Part 1•Process Behavior Charts•Process Capability.

Statistical Tools:  QuikMine (ANOVA and regression).

Toyota Production System/Lean:  TPS Overview•5S•Muda•Poka Yoke.

Includes Glossary and Bibliography.

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Advanced QuikSigma is a textbook for those requiring advanced analytical tools. It prepares learners to handle all manner of difficult process improvement issues.

238 pages, 8 ½ x 11.

Project Cornerstones:  Product Function MapPlanning Designed Experiments.  

Statistical Principles: Central Limit Theorem and Confidence IntervalsInferential StatisticsTheory of ANOVATaguchi Loss FunctionTransforming Data.

Quality Tools:  Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Part 1Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Part 2Intermediate Process Behavior ChartsIntermediate Process Capability. 

Statistical Tools:  T TestsSample SizeThe F TestThe Chi Square TestProportions2K Full Factorial Experiments•Fractional Factorial Experiments•QuikScreen (Plackett-Burman)•Optimization and Robustness•Center Points and Central Composite Designs•Blocking•Evolutionary Operations.

Special Topics:  DFX and Pugh Concept Selection•Theory of Constraints•Statistical Tolerancing. 

Includes Glossary and Bibliography. 

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